Put Your Home To The Test

In much the same way a physician uses medical science to determine the health of your body, Elm Energy Group’s building performance experts employ building science to measure the “health and performance” of your home/building.

How safe is your air? Why do different areas heat and cool differently? What’s keeping you from paying “better than average” utility costs each month? Our Home Performance Assessments are a collection of scientific tests designed to answer these types of questions, revealing the current condition of your home, and what measures we can take to improve it.

Our Mission

We began Elm Energy Group with one mission in mind: Help create healthy, higher performance buildings that deliver real cost savings and comfort in an effort to limit the resources used, help protect the environment and the well being of future generations. For a more in depth look of our mission in action, click here.


Put Our Expertise To Work For You

The fact is, you can’t be an expert about everything (although we all know people who haven’t received that memo). At Elm Energy Group, we’ve encountered thousands of performance-related problems in almost every type of dwelling and structure. Whether it’s a brand-new home or building or an already existing property, we combine our experience, knowledge of building science, and cutting edge technologies to increase a home or building’s performance.


Home Performance 101

When it comes to improving your home’s performance, it’s virtually impossible to stay on top of all the new regulations, products, and technologies that are being introduced on an almost daily basis. It’s even a challenge for us, and that’s what we do every day. To help you in your pursuit to understand home performance, we’ve compiled some resources that will help cover some of the basics. Of course, you can always contact a building performance technician at your local Elm Energy office with any additional questions. As always, we’re here to help.

Our Story

We are building geeks. We admit it. We own it. We even kind of like it. Because for all of the negative connotations that come with being labeled a geek, the one positive is that you know virtually everything there is to know about one specific subject. For some geeks it's Star Trek, for others, wine. For us, it’s building science. Just think about it. Getting into a home or building and using cutting edge technologies to improve its performance. It’s what gets us up in the morning. That’s why we formed Elm Energy Group. We’re inspired by science, technology, and innovation. When we put them all together, we’ve found that we can make a home or building safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Contact Elm Energy Group

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us to learn more about home energy assessments, energy efficient windows, crawlspace encapsulation or any other home performance questions.

Hilton Head: 843.296.3715

Hilton Head/Savannah: PO Box 7066, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938

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