What is Building Science?

In simple terms, building science is the measure of how well your home or building interacts with the environmental forces that are acting upon it – forces like heat, air, and moisture. For example, do you come home to the same musty smell every time you go on vacation? Does the temperature in your house fluctuate from room to room? Are you paying a small fortune to heat/cool your building despite all the initiatives you’ve introduced? Whether it’s obvious or hidden, there’s a scientific reason “why” for all of these scenarios. At Elm Energy Group, we find the “why?”

Using the principles and technology of building science, we take a 360° approach to your specific situation, diagnose the problem, and then provide the most logical andElm Energy Group | Updates affordable solution/s to fix it. We’re not tied to any products, brands, or services. We’re not going to “sell” you anything meaning, so before you "pay" for Spray Foam Insulation, a sealed crawlspace encapsulation, a high efficient HVAC unit or duct cleaning give us a call. We go where the science takes us in order to provide you with a home or building that’s more comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. It’s better building performance through science; that’s what Elm Energy Group is all about.

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