Spray Foam Inspection

Spray Foam is a great product that will go a long way in making your home more energy efficient, that being said it is a very large investment.  Don’t you want to insure it’s done right? Tiny cracks missed by the spray foam contractor can cause a major decrease in the performance of the spray foam. 

At Elm Energy Group we use infra-red imaging in combination with a blower door to identify where a contractor might have missed in some areas and is costing you money. The infra-red imaging recognizes temperature differences along the spray-foam’s surface. Then the blower door forces air through the cracks forcing hot or cold air in, making the mistakes clearly evident and easy to fix.

So if you are considering spray foam make sure you are talking to your contractor about guaranteeing his work with a third party tester. Also, if you already spent thousands of dollars on spray foam and are not meeting the results promised we can help.

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