Realtors and Lenders

Have you maximized your marketability to today’s home buyers? More and more today’s home buyers are coming to recognize Energy Star, HERS ratings, and other certifications related to building performance. A better performing home has an advantage in a deeply competitive market with an evermore more knowledgeable consumer. A better performing home also has less durability issues and can lower a mortgage holders electricity bill helping homeowners better afford mortgage payments.

Services We Offer

A home Energy Audit- The home energy audit service we offer is A Home Energy & Performance Assessment it is a comprehensive way to assess an existing home’s condition using industry standard testing learned from BPI and RESNET. Before you buy a home or upgrading an existing one you need to know precisely how it is performing and the most cost effective improvements. Our Home Energy & Performance Assessment provides real data that delivers real solutions eliminating any guess work.

HERS Ratings - HERS ratings is essentially to a home what MPG (miles per gallon) is to a car and is quickly becoming a national standard.  Look at examples of builders across the country using the HERS index to not only differentiate their product from their competitors but to market against the existing home market where a lot of potential buyers are looking.

Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to learn more about home energy audits and how we can help deliver data based answers to questions you have about homes on the market. It's the first and best step towards selling, owning, or lending for a high performance home.

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