Infrared Thermography

“Jamie's review of our spray foam saved me about $10,000 dollars in related construction costs – all for the small amount of $300.  I felt like I took him for the ride!"

Infrared Technology is cutting edge for the home improvement industry.  Its non-destructive ability to find and identify problems makes it one of the most effective Home Performance solutions available today. However, also critically important is having an experienced technician with the ability to interpret it. Don't hire just anyone, and be wary of those offering “Free IR scans.” Elm Energy Group has conducted over 400 Infrared inspections to date and has industry leading training. We're committed to making your home or building perform to its fullest.

Infrared Thermography can solve the following Household Problems:
  • Spray Foam insulation jobs not yielding proper performance
  • Identify leaky HVAC ductwork
  • Identify areas of poorly installed or missing insulation
  • Identify areas of air leakage
  • Identify areas of exterior moisture damage or rot
  • Identify trouble windows that have lost their performance or identify costly air leaks

If you are considering making the following improvements you should call us:
If you’re not sure about anything listed above, try starting a conversation with us or call us and we'll wire you over to home performance technician right away to help answer your questions and get you started

Making your home more affordable, comfortable, and improving its air quality isn't something you should leave to just any contractor. With hundreds of satisfied customers who called us first [link to testimonials], you can be sure we'll deliver a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Why we're different: Elm Energy Group is comprised of building geeks, excuse us, we meant technicians. It means we don't just throw money at problems and hope to fix them. We use our experience, unparalleled industry training, and cutting edge tools to find the most cost effective way to improve your homes performance. It's part of our promise. 

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