Infra-Red Technology

“Jamie's review of our spray foam saved me about $10,000 dollars in related construction costs – all for the small amount of $300.  I felt like I took him for the ride!"

Infra-Red Technology is cutting edge for the home improvement industry.  Its non-destructive ability to find and identify problems is only overlapped by a experienced technicians ability to interpret it.  Don't hire just anyone and be wary of those offering "Free IR scans", Elm Energy Group has conducted over 400 Infra-red inspections to date and has industry leading training. 

Infra-Red Scans can help solve or identify the following issues: (pictures for each instance)

  • Spray Foam insulation jobs not yielding proper performance 
  • Identify leaky HVAC ductwork
  • Identify areas of poorly installed or missing insulation
  • Identify areas of air leakage or heating and cooling loss
  • Identify areas of exterior moisture damage or rot
  • Identify trouble windows that have lost their performance or identify costly air leak

If you are considering making the following improvements Elm Energy group can help 

Start a conversation with one of our Home Performance Technicians and we'll put you on the path to performance!

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