Hot or Cold Rooms

If you are finding significant temperature differences from one room to another in your home you may be experiencing one or numerous performance issues in your homes. Some factors that might play into the temperature differences are inadequate or improperly installed insulation, poorly sealed building envelope, or leaky duct work. But before you try to self diagnose or hire a contractor to install spray foam insulation or energy efficient replacement windows, we recommend Elm Energy Group's home energy audit. We use diagnostic testing to eliminate the guess work and help you solve the problem without wasting money.

Some things to consider when trying to fix your hot or cold rooms

  • How well insulated is the room?
  • How well are the ducts sealed near that room? Are your ducts properly insulated?
  • How far away is the room from the HVAC system?
  • Is the room located above a garage?
  • Have you considered the importance of air-sealing?

Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to learn more about why you are experiencing hot or cold rooms in your home. We can talk you through what to look for or set up a home energy audit and deliver a plan to solve the problem. It's your first and best step toward a higher performing home.

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