HERS (Home Energy Rating System)

The Home Energy Rating System is a nationally recognized certification that has been developed as a standardized numerical system to help inform homeowner’s about the energy efficiency of their current or prospective home.

A detailed analysis of the home’s features (design, materials, orientation, etc…) is entered into a software program along with diagnostic data (air-tightness, duct leakage, insulation levels, etc…) and produces a numerical rating number that is compared to a house built to the IECC standards (International Energy Conservation Code). 

The rating number allows you to understand how your house stacks up vs. Energy Star qualified homes and the standard construction of the past. The HERS rater can also offer expert recommendations on the best way to improve and reduce energy costs of the rated home. This can also be used to compare homes you are thinking about buying as HERS ratings are available on some MLS sites.

Elm Energy Group uses Energy Vanguard as their HERS rating provider. Energy Vanguard oversees all of our ratings and does the quality assurance that adds the extra level of confidence and control in our industry.

Further information about HERS and Resnet can be found at: www.resnet.com 

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