Green Building

Going Green: It’s easier and harder than you think.

Green building or sustainable building is very much in vogue right now, and for good reason. Green building creates healthier and more energy efficient homes while also leaving a lighter footprint on the environment. It’s a methodology that makes sense for everybody. If you’re thinking about doing some green remodeling your current home, or starting from scratch on a new one, you’re undoubtedly considering the use of green building methods and materials.

Fortunately, it’s easier and more affordable to do so than ever before. Due to the boom in green construction during the last decade, there are now more options to be aware of than ever before. Not to mention all of the regulatory standards and energy efficiency tax incentives that go along with sustainable building. It can be a tad overwhelming. That’s why it pays to have a trained building scientist help you navigate the process from start to finish. 

Elm Energy Group can help plan, manage, and execute your entire green project. Here’s how:

Like every project we take on, the first step is to understand your needs and goals. We can then measure your existing design plans against those goals to see if they’re in sync. If not, we’ll help revise your plans. Or, if you don’t yet have any plans, we can help create them. At this stage, we will pinpoint the methods and features of green construction that best meet your end-of-project expectations.

With an agreed upon plan of action in place, we will reach out to our network of trusted specialists to secure bids and estimates. Every line item will have an associated cost so you’ll know exactly what you’re spending money on and why.

Once project dates and schedules have been established, the work begins. We will be on site managing the process and vendors.

When all the work is done, we implement our “test-out” process to ensure that all expectations have been met. Seeing the results of our post-work diagnostic testing gives homeowners the confidence that every last detail has been accounted for. 

If you are considering a green construction project, contact your local Elm Energy office to find out how we can help. It’s the first and best step toward having a higher functioning green home. 

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