Energy Efficient Windows

Window Treatment

If you’re reading this, you’re obviously thinking about installing energy efficient windows to increase your home’s efficiency and lower your monthly bills. And that might work. However, it could also be quite pricey. Before you buy expensive energy efficient replacement windows, make sure you’re spending your money wisely by answering the following questions:

  • How much energy will I save on my bill after replacing my windows? (i.e. what is my ROI (return on investment) from replacment windows?) Can you provide me written proof of such claims?
  • What windows are right for me? Are Energy Star windows a good investment? How about vinyl replacement windows?
  • Will installing new windows help improve my home’s comfort and stop drafts?
  • Are there alternatives to replacement windows that can help improve my window’s efficiency? 

Using the principles of building science, along with the appropriate diagnostic technologies, we can help provide answers to these questions. After we do, you’ll know whether investing in new windows is the right move for your home’s performance, or if another option makes more sense.

Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to speak with a building performance technician. It’s your first and best step toward having a higher functioning home. 

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