Energy Efficient Hot Water Heaters

A Hot Tip

As you probably know, the efficiency of your hot water heater can have a major impact on your monthly electric bill (hot water can account for over 20% of each bill). So if you’re looking to significantly reduce your home’s energy costs, investing in an energy efficient water heater is a logical, and relatively easy fix. But is it the right fix? Considering how expensive today’s energy efficient water heaters are, you should answer the following questions before making such a large financial commitment:
  • How is your current hot water heater performing?
  • Do you currently have an insulated hot water tank? 
  • If you were to buy a new hot water heater, which type best fits your specific needs? Are tankless hot water heaters the way to go?
  • Are there other performance issues affecting your home that can be solved less expensively?
  • Is your gas water heater currently spilling carbon monoxide into your home?
In order to spend your money in the most effective manner, you need expertise and unbiased product knowledge: we can provide both.  There are a lot of great products to choose from and selecting the right one can amount to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your water heater. 

Contact your local Elm Energy office to schedule an Energy Audit and/or to discuss the efficiency of your hot water heater. It’s your first and best step toward having a higher functioning home. 

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