If you are experiencing excessive dust in your home the first thing to do is check your air filter and see if its clean enough to function properly. If that is not the cause the solution might not be identifiable to the naked eye. Dust can be caused from leaky duct work in an attic or crawl space that is sucking up dust and other allergens present in those spaces. The other cause of dust might be rooted in poorly sealed building envelope between your home and unconditioned space or the outside. This along with an imbalance in pressure can cause your home to be sucking in dust through un-sealed gaps in your building’s envelope.

Do you know where your dust is coming from?

To pin point the source of the dust we recommend a home energy audit like our Home Energy Performance Assessment. Diagnostic testing of the ducts and your building’s envelope will show us how to fix the dust and most likely save you money on your next energy bill as well.

Some things to consider when trying to fix dust in your home

  • When was the last time you changed your air filter?
  • Are you concerned about your indoor air-quality?
  • Do you know how well your HVAC ducts are sealed?
  • How tight is your home’s envelope?
Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to talk about your dust problem, learn more about the likely causes and find the right solution. It's your first and best step towards having a high performing home.

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