Dry Indoor Air in the winter

If you are experiencing dry indoor air that is causing discomfort for you and your family your home is under-performing. Dry indoor air is caused when warm humid air in your home is escaping your home and being replaced by the dry air from outside. This can also be a tell-tale sign that your heating system is wasting electricity compensating for the escaping air. Before you consider products like a humidifier or fixing your hvac system we recommend speaking with an Elm Energy Group building technician. Using diagnostic tools like a blower door we can pin-point where the dry outdoor air is getting into your home and causing you problems.

Some things to consider when trying to fix dry indoor air

  • Do you know how tightly your house is sealed?
  • Are you aware of any other indoor air-quality issues?
  • Do you know the importance of air sealing to a home's performance?
  • Do you know how tightly your ducts are sealed?
The best way to rectify this problem is with the air sealing of your home’s envelope using foams and caulking. To better understand how well your home is air sealed we recommend a home energy audit like our Home Energy Performance Assessment that includes a blower door test. This test will reveal how much your house is leaking and from where.

Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to learn more about dry indoor air and other indoor air-quality issues. It's your first and best step towards having a high performance home.

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