Drafty Rooms

It's not always the windows, sometimes it's
the installer

Do certain parts of your home always seem to have chill to them during the winter? Can you feel air-moving in rooms your house but can't pin-point where the air might be coming from? Drafty rooms can be caused by many different problems. If you've looked and can’t find the leaks or just don’t know where to look a building technician can help. Don't invest in products like energy efficient replacement windows without knowing if their are other more affordable options. Using diagnostic tools like a blower door test or infra-red thermography Elm Energy Group will find the source of your drafts and develop a plan to correct these problems in the most cost effective way.

Somethings to consider when trying to fix drafty rooms

Contact your local Elm Energy office to learn more about draft rooms and discuss whether a home energy audit is right for you. It's your first step and best step toward having a high performance home.

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