At Elm we see the building industry through the eyes of building performance specialists but we also have experience in lending, real estate,and in general contracting. This gives us the unique ability to understand the challenges of the industry and take a needs based approach to help you improve your product’s marketability while reducing your overhead costs. Sounds bold? We think so too. But don't just take our word for it, let us put you in touch with our clients and view some of our case studies by clicking here. Here are some of the services we offer.

Energy Code Compliance:   We can help you meet Energy Codes for both Carolina's and Georgia (including Performance path,  Duct Blaster® test  and blower door testing) - New energy codes can be confusing. Let one of our building science technicians sit down with you and your superintendents to help you better understand ways you can meet or exceed these requirements, improve your buildings quality and reduce costly warranty callbacks.

HERS Ratings - HERS ratings, or a home's MPG (miles per gallon) is quickly becoming a national standard at which homes are being evaluated by home-owners. Look at examples of builders across the country using the HERS index to not only differentiate their product from their competitors but to market against the existing home market where a lot of potential buyers are looking. Don’t miss out on this industry trend let us help you get ahead of the curve.

Infra-Red Scans – Infra-Red is high tech non-destructive way of pin-pointing areas of improper insulation, air leakage and moisture intrusion. It shows exactly where your problems are occurring while eliminating the guess work.

Energy Star 3.0 - Energy Star rated homes recently hit 25% market share. These homes not only provide value for homeowners, they show a commitment to high performance homes and the environment by the builder.  With consumers proving they are looking for Energy Star rated homes, why wait?  Make the commitment contact us and we’ll help you qualify for rebates from your utility provider, segment your product from the herd, and reduce your warranty costs.  

Green Building – Elm Energy has certified Green homes in over 6 different markets and has seen the development of Green building over the years.  While there are many myths around green building, we find that we can clarify most of them; including the big one about costs.  Set up a consultation or find out how to get $100 off your first design review. 

Contact your local Elm Energy Group office to hear more about what we can do help you build a marketable and efficient home. It's your first and best step to building a high performance home. 

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