203K Loans

In an effort to increase rehabilitation of current housing inventory The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created 203K loans. 203K loans allow for money not only to purchase the home but also money to complete renovations to improve the home. As part of the conditions of the 203K loan you have to make certain improvement that will increase performance and decrease your energy usage. With this program you no longer have to drain your savings to improve a home’s performance, you can create a structured program that works for you and your lender.  

Some things to consider before applying for a 203K Loan

  • Have you done an energy audit to understand the home’s performance?
  • What improvements will give the greatest gains?
  • Have you looked at every financial option for improving efficiency? Including rebates?
How we can help:
When wading through all of your performance finance options Elm Energy Group can be your ally and get you the money you need then help you allocate it in the most effective way. To begin we recommend you get an energy audit to understand how the home is performing. This will help you understand the home as a system so you can solve the weaknesses in a cost effective, return focused way. Give us a call we can schedule an assessment and deliver a path to better performance. 

Why we're different: Elm Energy Group is comprised of building geeks, excuse us, we meant technicians.  It means we don't just throw money at problems and hope to fix them.  We use our experience, un-paralleled industry training, and cutting edge tools to find the most cost effective way to improve your homes performance.  It's part of our promise 

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